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Formentera is a small island in the Balearic archipelago. Its mild climate, with an annual average of 18 degrees and 2883 hours of sunshine, beaches of fine sand, Its crystal clear turquoise waters and unspoiled scenery make it an ideal place to enjoy a holiday surrounded by peace, tranquility and environmental surroundings very well preserved. We can travel mostly by bicycle, For his green roads, forests Savina, salt flats and its rural hinterland. The island has two lighthouses in each of its ends, cap the barbering and Mola. Its waters are so clear and so sharp that one of the most widely practiced activities is diving. One of the most beautiful spectacles in Formentera are the sunsets. In the evening many people go to the beach to watch as the sea and sky unite to form the reddish horizon.
FORMENTERA: Island paradise of peace and light with a magical atmosphere.



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